The Story of The Claddagh Ring

Hundrets of years ago, an Irish fisherman named Robert Joyce whos hometown was the beautiful city of Galway, went out on his boat to make a living for himself and his love. Out at sea he was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave to a goldsmith. He was forced to work day and night and learned the skills of a goldsmith. Joyce never forgot the beautiful woman in Galway and made the first Claddagh ring as a symbol of their eternal love, friendship and loyalty.

For many years Joyce had to work in the goldsmiths shop and dreamt of his true love waiting for him back in Ireland. When King William III ordered the release of all slaves in 1689, he gained his freedom at last.

The goldsmith tried to make Joyce stay since he had become an appreciated and skilled worker in his shop but nothing could stop Joyce from going back to his one and only love.

When he arrived in Galway he found Margret waiting for him. He gave her the ring he'd been waiting so long to present to her and married her. She wore the Claddagh ring until the day she died.

Where is The Claddagh?

The area known as The Claddagh is located in Galway city, Ireland, near the Spanish Arch. It is where the river Corrib joins with Galway bay and used to be a common meeting place for fishermen and merchants.

Today The Claddagh has developed into a residential area.

How to wear your Claddagh Ring

Heart pointing towards you

Wearing your Claddagh Ring with the heart pointing in means that your heart is taken and you are in a permanent relationship.

Heart pointing away from you

Wearing your Claddagh Ring with the heart pointing outwards means that your heart is free and you are looking for love.