The Story of The Claddagh Pub

Julian Mullen came to Klagenfurt in October 2004 where he met his wife Linda the day of his arrival. After working in a bar in Klagenfurt and teaching English he decided it was time for a change.

One day in January 2006, while washing the dishes, the idea of The Claddagh Irish Pub was born. Julian and Linda started looking for a venue straight away and came across a small place in Pernhartgasse. It was perfect! The opening date was quickly set, it had to be St. Patrick's Day. Renovations and preperations had to start immediately. With the support of some great friends and family and a lot of blood and sweat they managed to open The Claddagh on the 17th of March 2006.

In 2010 The Claddagh was rebuilt inside to make more room for customers and a stage for live music perfomances. 

The Claddagh Team is proud to have made a lot of regulars and friends over the years and will continue to walk the extra mile for them.