The Claddagh Dictionary

In this section we will introduce you to some typical words and phrases used by Irish people on an everyday basis. And yes, the Irish like to curse but it's not as bad as it sounds ;-)

Ages (noun): long time

Alco (noun): someone who's always drunk

Amadán (Omadhan) (noun): idiot

Arse (noun): backside

Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off (phrase): general ways of telling someone to shut up

As sharp as a beach ball/Not the sharpest tool in the shed: is used when talking about someone of rather questionable intelligence

As sick as a small hospital: a person who in a very bad health condition 

As small as a mouse's diddy: speaking of something of very small size 

As useless as tits on a bull/As uselss as a chocolate teapot: ways of saying that something or someone is of no proper use to society

At it (verb): making love

Bad dose (noun): tough time with illness

Balls (noun): male genitalia or courage (someone has balls)

Ball, to have a (phrase): to have fun

Bap (noun): bread bun

A bigger bollox has never put his arm through a coat (phrase): There has never been a bigger idiot

Bird (noun): girl generally, girlfriend

Bite the back of my bollox (phrase): leave me alone

Black stuff, the (noun): Guinness

Bleedin' deadly (adjective): brilliant, great

Bloody (adjective): strengthning adjective

Bold (adjective): naughty

Bollocking (noun): to "give out" to someone

Bollocks (noun): somebody stupid or unpleasant

Bolloxed (adjective): very drunk

Boozer (noun): Pub

Brilliant (adjective): great

Brutal (adjective): terrible

Business (noun): "I have to do me business" - "I have to take a poo"

Business (noun): That's great - "It's the business"

Cake hole (noun): mouth

Cha (tsha) (noun): Tea

Chancer (noun): dodgy/suspicious character

Cheek (noun): disrespect

Chipper (noun): fish and chips shop

Chips (noun): french fries

Cock manger (noun): urinals

Cod (verb): to cod someone - to have someone on

Cool as a cucumber (phrase): when someone is very cool

Cop on (to yourself)/get a grip: don't act stupid/get a grip of reality 

Craic (pronounced "crack") (noun): fun

Culchie (noun): mocking word for a country person

Deadly (adjective): really cool, great

Desperate (adjective): very bad

Dote (noun): darling, a lovely person

Drink Link (noun): ATM, bank machine

Dry Shite (noun): a boring person

Eat the head off, to (phrase): to attack someone verbally

Eejit (noun): idiot

Fag (noun): cigarette

Fair play to you (phrase): Well done/Good job

Feck (noun): Irish form of the F word

Fib (noun): a little lie

Fire away (phrase): keep going

Flick (noun): movie, film/e.g. chick flick - girlie movie

Fry (noun): Irish breakfast

Gaff (noun): house, home

Gander (noun): a look around

Gas (adjective): very funny

Gear (noun): clothes

Get off with someone (phrase): to make out with someone

Git (noun): brat

Give out to someone (phrase): to attack someone verbally

Gobshite (noun):  idiot

Grand (adjective): fine, alright, "I'm grand"

Hank Marvin (rhyme phrase): Starving, very hungry

Happy Out (verb): to be in a good situation, to be happy out

Howya (phrase): how are you?

I've a mouth on me (phrase): I'm hungry

I've a throat on me (phrase): I'm thirsty

Jacks (noun): toilet

Jammers (adjective): crowded

Jammy (adjective): lucky

Jaysus (exclam): Jesus

Kip, to have a (noun): to take a nap

Knacker (noun): gypsy

Knackered (verb): very tired, exhausted

Knocked up (verb): pregnant

Langer (noun): a person of dislike

Langeres (adjectives): drunk

Lashing (verb): raining hard

Legging it (verb): to run very fast

Letting on (verb): to lead someone on, string someone along

Local (noun): the nearest pub

Locked (verb): drunk

Lock in (noun): when a few people stay in a pub after closing time to have some drinks with the staff

Loopers (adjective): crazy

Lush (noun): someone who likes to consume considerable amounts of alcohol on a regular basis

Manky (adjevtive): dirty, disgusting

Messing (verb): joking, playing

Mind yourself (phrase): watch out, be careful

Minerals (noun): nonalcoholic drinks

Mingin (adjective): dirty, disgusting

Mortified (adjective): to be embarrased

Mouldy (adjective): rotten, bad

Off Licence (noun): the liquor store

Off my face, to be (phrase): to be very drunk or on drugs

On the piss (phrase): to be out drinking

Petrified (adjective): drunk

Pissed off, to be (phrase): to be angry

Pisshead (noun): someone who likes to drink alcohol regularly

Piss up (noun): drinking spree

Plastered (adjective): drunk

Plonker (noun): idiot

Pòg mo thòin (phrase): gealic for "kiss my arse"

Polluted (adjective): drunk

Pull (verb): to be successfull with the opposite sex, "to have a pull"

Puss (noun): moody face

Quid (noun): money

Rashers (noun): bacon used for an Irish breakfast

Row (noun): fight, argument

Savage (adjective): very good

Scabby, Stingy (adjective): to always try to get something for free and never give anything away to other people

Scuttered (adjective): drunk

Session (noun): to drink over a long period of time/all day long

Shattered (adjective): very tired, exhausted

Shitting a brick (phrase): to be nervous/scared

Slapper (noun): slut

Snot rag (noun): handkerchief

Sound (adjective): very good

Sprog (noun): child

Spud (noun): potatoe

Steamed (adjective): very drunk

The shit has hit the fan (phrase): something very bad has happened and caused a general crisis

Thick (adjective): stupid - "thick as a brick"

Tip (noun): dump, dirty place

Tool (noun): stupid person

Touched (ajective): someone who seems a little bit strange

Twisted (adjective): drunk or somewhat crazy

Up da duff (adjective): pregnant

Vitamine G (noun): Guinness

Wagon (noun): an ugly woman

Wrecked (adjective): very tired, exhausted